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In the modul range 0.1 to 2.5 Schnyder gear cutting tools offer the highest standards because for each work piece the optimal gear technology has been applied: Hobbing, milling, gear shaping or power skiving.


Thanks to high productivity and high efficiency gear hobbing is one of the core technologies of gear manufacturing. The optimum tooth geometry and the right PVD coating result in Schnyder hobs having a longer life and higher cutting speeds.
The new economically and ecologically optimized “TWIN-HOB” enables simultaneous pre and finish hobbing.


Due to the excellent coordination of the work piece and tool geometry, design parameters and process parameters Schnyder worm milling cutters ensure the highest finish quality for both soft finishing and hard finishing.

Gear Shaping

Schnyder gear shaper cutters have high side relief angles which result in reduced cutting forces. This guarantees optimal profile form and surface finish on the work piece. Schnyder Carbide Shaper Cutters can cut workpieces with a hardness up to 56 HRC (2100 MPa).

Power Skiving

Schnyder Power Skiving tools can be used on all suitable machine tools. Power Skiving is suitable for internal and external gears, splines, serrations etc. as well as for worms. Together with the power skiving tool Schnyder customers receive all necessary process parameters for an optimal result.