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The Schnyder tool maintenance service saves you money.

With our full service reprofiling the tool cutting face is sharpened, the profile is re ground and the tool is recoated. The result is once again 100% tool life. 
Schnyder gear cutting tools can often be reprofiled 10-15 times without any loss of quality. The cost for a full service reprofiling is only about a quarter of the new tool price.

After every reprofiling Schnyder customers are informed about the condition of their tool. This allows for 100% tracking of the entire life of the tool and timely planning of tool replacement. Sharpening of tools ensures that worn gear cutting tools can once again be properly used.

SCHNYDER speaks the language of its customers

Customer appreciate that by Schnyder they have a competent partner that speaks their language

The Schnyder sales and technical team speak German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian and Turkish.

Our agents in Asia speak Hindi, Korean, Japanese and Chinese.