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Energy surcharge

Here you will always find the current “Schnyder Energy Surcharge”.
The sharp increase in prices in the energy sector has led to additional costs in manufacturing.  In order to reflect these volatile energy costs fairly in our pricing structure we have decided to pass these additional costs on to our customers using a “floating” energy surcharge. 

The current energy surcharge calculation can be seen here:

The energy surcharge for the current month is always based upon the average electricity price of the previous month and the actual Industry Gas Tariff from our local energy supplier. The electricity  price in the spot market of the Swiss Federal Electricity Commission and gas tariff from our local energy supplier serve as the reference sources.

We thank you for your understanding during these challenging times.

Marc Schnyder                        George Boon    
C.E.O.                                        C.S.O.
Schnyder SA                            Schnyder SA