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Top quality at the best price

With certified raw material suppliers and documented quality measurements throughout the manufacturing and coating processes Schnyder gear cutting tools offer above average durability and longer life: top quality at the best price.

For Schnyder gear cutting tools only the best raw materials are good enough.

The raw materials used in Schnyder gear cutting tools were evaluated and tested together with our customers. Our production managers accept only materials that have passed these tests.
All Schnyder carbide and steel suppliers are certified and ensure consistent top quality.
The customer application determines the choice of material.


The selected fine or ultra fine grain carbide with cobalt count from 6% to 15% is tailored to the intended application. Precise quality standards form the basis for a rigorous receiving inspection. Schnyder carries a large stock of semi finished blanks in many different sizes so that customers can count on “just-in-time” manufacturing.


Our powder metallurgy produced high speed steels are characterized by a homogeneous carbide structure. By Schnyder two types are used:

 PM08 – universal PM steel with excellent performance characteristics.
 PM10 – the steel for difficult to machine materials which often comes in the aviation industry.

Schnyder coatings extend the life of your gear cutting tools

Thanks to our close cooperation with the best in the coatings industry Schnyder customers will benefit from the latest coating developments.
At Schnyder the full range of commonly used PVD and diamond wear protective coatings are available.
With our gear cutting tools in a first step the cutting edges are stabilized (or rounded). In a post treatment coated tools again polished in order to remove any blemishes from the coating process.

SCHNYDER – Standards and Quality Guarantee

Our per international standards (DIN, ISO, ANSI/AGMA, JIS) in A to 4A - quality finished gear cutting tools are constantly controlled with high tech measuring machines and devices and finally inspected with an optical and mechanical measurement. All measurement results are documents. That is how Schnyder top quality is guaranteed.

More security with quality reserves

The top quality of our raw materials and optimized tooth form geometry guarantee that Schnyder gear cutting tools offer the highest precision over the entire cutting length resulting in a longer tool life (m/tooth).

Since Schnyder partners use hobs with quality reserves they and their customers are always on the safe side.